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C Squared offers both advocacy for families and school-based consulting. Our team has experience in public and private schools as well as daycare facilities and extracurricular providers. In all settings, our focus is on achieving the best outcomes for students through clear communication and pro-active collaboration.

Too often families wait until in crisis to involve an advocate. We believe families benefit from early support, lessening the chance of escalation to crisis. Our advocacy services include:

  • IEP & 504 document review

  • Meeting preparation attendance & support

  • Classroom observation

  • Behavioral Intervention review & recommendations

  • Guidance on timelines & procedural safeguards

  • Help parents develop questions to further their understanding of child's needs


The small number of students with behavioral challenges can make a big impact in the classroom. Hiring a specialist on an as needed basis is often the most efficient use of school resources. Our school-based services include:

  • Developmental screenings

  • Parent feedback sessions

  • Classroom observations

  • Professional development workshops & training

  • Direct support for students

  • Direct support for teachers


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